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(  ´ ∀`)< hi i'm mona! i do research, art, and puzzles
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I’m currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Princeton’s Center for IT Policy and Research Fellow at Citizen Lab. I used to be a Staff Technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where I maintained Certbot and wrote about tech policy.

network and platform surveillance

As an Open Tech Fellow at Citizen Lab, I'm researching various privacy aspects of WeChat and its application ecosystem. I'm also collaborating with Censored Planet to study the deployment of network filters across the Internet.

tech & labor

I’m working on a few projects investigating post-COVID use of surveillance software in the workplace, and one to show how labor organizers threat model for privacy and security in online workplaces. I also co-run a reading group that reads papers about global trends in algorithmic management and the effect of tech development on modern labor practices, centering the worker perspective.


I make oil paintings, murals, and lots of other things. I've been training in Thuluth and Sinii Arabic calligraphy since 2017. I also draw and sell fanart (mostly slash, and sometimes nsfw).


I love doing puzzles. I also love writing puzzles! I've designed several puzzlehunts and escape rooms, and am currently helping write the 2023 MIT Mystery Hunt.